The Reading Room-Books I recommend-(beautiful photos and great stories too)



INSPIRED STYLES- ASSOULINE Designer Kelly Wearstler's books are some of my favorites- So talented- a definite stylemaker. Hip Hollywood Homes is a peak inside the interesting and well done homes of Hollywood. Crystal Cove Cottages- A favorite place to visit and a nostalgic look at Corona del Mar's past. Inspired Styles- designer profiles of some of my favorite designers- Kelly Wearstler, Barbara Barry, Alexa Hampton.Speaking of great stories, there is a book I recently read that I definitely recommend- STORI TELLING By Tori Spelling. Yes, Tori Spelling from the first 90210 days! It is a look into her life with humor and tears. Tori tells it all. And you feel for her and feel like you actually know her! BRAVO TORI! ENJOY!

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