Tile Favorites

Black and white arabesque tile.
English tooled leather look, clay arabesque tile

Star and cross hand painted, English Encaustic tile

Paua Shell diagonal cut mosaic

Tear drop bronze and black hand made mosaic tile

French chateau repeat hand made old world crackled tile

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Lundy said...

Hi Michelle, like you, I love tile in many shapes and forms. The top photo of the black and white is especially eye-catching to me. I can imagine many settings in which the tooled leather-look tile would be fabulous.

I also want to let you know about my own line of encaustic cement tiles, Villa Lagoon Tile (http://www.VillaLagoonTile.com ). Altho I show three colorways for each pattern, we can make any of the tile patterns in any of our 80 colors, plus we can do custom molds. You seem like someone who would appreciate my work.
I see you are in CA. I am currently making the reproduction cement tile for the LA school district's old Ambassador Hotel site project.