Happy Birthday Chloe!

It's your Birthday Chloe, and here are all the things that remind me of you! A trip to your favorite place- Disneyland! There's that pink you had to have in your hair!

I really la la love you- with all my heart! via etsy.com

A whimsical cake- it looks so you!

You have to have chocolate dipped strawberries!

Fresh roses in your room! (where do you get that from?)

And the glamorous life of Juicy!

All your bangles and baubles! ( A gypsy after my own heart!)

And one of your fav fragrances too!

This has become "your" saying! via corine grant www.esty.com

A love for the Eiffel Tower! via etsy.com

One of your favorite pillows- in a room you decorated! That's why our Chloe chair had to be named after you! via target.com

Your favorite store! (I can never get you out of there!)

I love your i-pod cover and I love the songs you always have me listen to - Jason Mraz, I'm Yours and Miley Cyrus too, and let's not forget the songs from Wicked! Your favorite play!

So, this is a little tribute to you Chloe, my girl on your 12th Birthday!

A daughter will outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart!

I love you!



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