Outdoor Living Spaces

The weather is warming up so get ready for outdoor living. Here are some of my favorite outdoor living spaces.... El Capitain Beach in Santa Barbara, California has a quaint group of tents and cottages to give a camping, outdoor living experience. I love staying there with the beach and forest of trees all in one place. It's beautiful!

Another El Capitain tent- reminds me of a Pottery Barn photo shoot!

Photo from House Beautiful.

Photographer Victoria Pearson's Ojai, California patio is so inviting! Photo from House Beautiful.

The stone carving is from an old church, a flea market find. Photo from House Beautiful.

A relaxing outdoor banquette. Photo from House Beautiful.

A beautiful loggia design by Fern Santini, photo from House Beautiful.

Carolyn Malone, photo from Southern Accents.

Outdoor kitchen, photo from House Beautiful.

Perennials Chocolate Kiss fabric and LuLu DK Mari Coral fabric along with dark woven wicker create an elegant loggia. Photo from House Beautiful.

Contemporary woven wicker mixed with bone inlaid chairs- Mary McDonald, photo from House Beautiful.

Cristine Gillespie, photo from House Beautiful.

An outdoor living space designed by Windsor Smith for Traditional Home.

Cristine Gillespie, House Beautiful.

Loggia design by Ann Dupuy, photo from House Beautiful.

Love this custom outdoor pagoda. Cristine Gillespie, House Beautiful.


Patricia Gray said...

What inspiring photos. I love gardens and patios with fireplaces. I just wish our weather would warm up here in Vancouver.

Derry Hubs said...


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