Sunburst Mirrors

Petite Sunburst Mirror from Wisteria is a darling vintage style!
Sunburst mirrors are a favorite accessory at Zuniga Interiors and it looks like we aren't the only ones who favor this design element!

The above sunburst mirrors are available through

Designed by Joe Nye.(House Beautiful)

Driscoll Damask wall covering is from Seabrook and a great sunburst mirror, though I don't know the source! (BHG)

A summer cottage designed by Ruthie Sommers. Love the mix of casual vintage with a contemporary silver sunburst mirror. (House Beautiful)

Designer Robin Bell placed this unique mirror in a pool house. (House

House Beautiful Magazine

A beautiful bone mirror. (Betsy Burnham, designer, House Beautiful)

Designer Suzanne Kasler placed antique sunburst mirrors in a collection.(House Beautiful)

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Patricia Gray said...

What a great round up of sunburst mirrors. They add such a spark of interest to a room.