Living...In White...

It's the start of summer- reminds me of cool white paint on walls and a glossy coat on beautiful furniture...the softness of white bedding and the clean look of white tile...crisp white cotton or linen upholstered or slip-covered...Anywhere...White is perfect...To clear your mind...relax your soul...lift your spirits... via Living Etc. Magazine

Michael Berman via House Beautiful

via Chic Casa

Rita Norona-Shrager Home

Rita Norona-Shrager Home

Rita Norona-Shrager Home

Rita Norona- Schrager Home

Rita Norona-Schrager Home

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz via House Beautiful

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz via House Beautiful

Mondrian Hotel Scotsdale design by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

design by Design Inc.


Ideezine said...


White has come a long way. It has evolved and I'm glad. White deserves it's own space in every home and it's not shy about standing on the sidelines to help the rest of the colors look great.

Wonderful photos!


Anonymous said...

White interiors are for the very brave don't you think? I do love them but I think it would be hard to relax because I would be so worried about spilling my treasured glass of red wine!

Tricia - Avolli

Anonymous said...