Fabulous Finds...Collections!

Being a stylist for interiors and product photo shoots as well as a designer, has given me a fondness for collections of items- many times these items are common things and many times vintage. Grouped together makes them even more special. I have collected many items over the years to display in my home and to file away in my "cabinet of curiosities" for future projects! Here are some fabulous finds that others sell or collect and it's always inspirational to me...

Look at this Colorful Bowl of Vintage Marbles from Italy!

Love This Bowl of Vintage Keys!

French Vintage Wooden Numbers- Shadow Box them, fill a bowl with them or glue them in a group like this and place them atop a stack of vintage books!
The above images are from a wonderful shop on that famous State Street in Chicago- it's called P.O.S.H. And it is a must see! I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Bueller Design is a fabulous photography studio and blog located in Los Angeles- this is a collection of vintage cameras from her blog. I have collected a few vintage cameras in my travels - and working as a photo stylist- I love collections like this.

Giannetti Design and Architecture is located in Los Angeles- This photo is of their home office at their vacation home in The Channel Islands- they had a fabulous photo shoot in this month's issue of C Magazine! A must see! You can see more on http://www.velvetandlinen.blogspot.com/ I love Brooke's collection of vintage print blocks and vintage books- another favorite!

Collections of vintage blocks, blankets and books via Country Living Magazine.

Oliveaux's blog featured this country bath with a collection of Vintage Blue Seltzer Bottles- I can never have enough of those Seltzer Bottles- esp. in blue!


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

It always excites me when I see a collection displayed in a home. Collections serve many purposes. Not only are they a design form but they say something personal about the homeowner giving visitors a topic for conversation.

Love Where You Live said...

What an exciting bowl of color. The marbles evoke such fun. I'd love to visit these shops! They look fab. Again, a wonderful post, -susan

Struggler said...

Ooh, I could so make room at home for the marbles. The keys would find a warm welcome too!
You found some great looking collections here, thank you.