Living...In Yellow's a cheery color...Personally, I was never so fond of yellow...Until...I added the color on walls...placed fresh yellow flowers in a vase...mixed yellow pottery in a tablescape...found the perfect yellow fabrics...And here are some favorite photos where Living...In Yellow is Perfect!

1. Country Living 2. Diamond-Baratta House Beautiful 3. Jeffrey Bilhuber House Beautiful 4. Jeffrey Bilhuber House Beautiful 5. Healing-Barsanti 6. Lelie Koltz House Beautiful 7. House Beautiful 8. Victoria Pearson House Beautiful 9. Dwellind & Design 10. Traditional Home 11. House Beautiful


Anonymous said...

Yellow IS a happy color and has been really popular lately. I like it mixed with some of the darker colors like chocolate and navy best.

Tricia - Avolli

Ideezine said...

I have always been a yellow fan. Clothes, house exteriors, flowers. I grew up in a yellow/white trim house. My own home is Yellow with grey trim and white trim windows & french doors. I want to paint my interior pale yellow (hay color). Yellow is a happy color to me.