Quatrefoil: noun. Middle English, Anglo-French; quatre meaning four. 1.representation of a flower with four petals or a leaflet. 2. a four-lobed foliation in architecture; (particular in Moorish) Most know what the term quatrefoil means and its origins- many have seen these lovely representations of this fascinating element...A favourite detail of mine...And some of my favourites from a Tiffany's key pendant to...

Lynette and Ken's ring from Madeline Brown Jewellery (check out her site!)

Quatrefoil Trellis Wallpaper from The Southampton Collection- Seabrook Wall Coverings

Armoire from Niermann Weeks Showroom
Lattice Table from Ironies (To the trade) photo from Things That Inspire Blog

Headboard from Ballard Design

Lamp from Koontz Furniture

Jewelry from the David Yurman Collection

Cooper Classics Morey Quatrefoil mirror

Two's Company Carthage Jars available through Zuniga Interiors

Roseann Chair designed by Barry Dixon - photo from House Beautiful

Quatrefoil Trellis Mirror from Ballard Design


Ideezine said...

Things that make you say "YES!" when putting together an entire house, based on Quatrefoil theme.
It is a timeless classic and a sutle pattern that endures.


Love Where You Live said...

I enjoyed this post. Love the floor lamp. An elegant design theme. cheers, -susan

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore those Tiffany keys!! Gorgeous!

madeleine brown said...

Hi Michelle! Just discovered that you had posted my quatrefoil ring- thank you very much! Glad you like it. Beautiful blog- I'm building a house right now, your blog is very inspiring indeed!

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Unknown said...