The Beautiful Life...And That It Is...With Fabulous Finds...

An on-line boutique of fabulous finds for my "Fabulous Finds" Friday- this entrepreneur has gathered her favorite "beautiful things" and given us a chance to have them too! There's a little something for everyone! Visit (and she has a fabulous blog too!) Here's some of my favourites... Vintage French Flax Pillows

French Zinc Tags- I can find so many uses for these- place markers at a dinner party, label appetizers at a cocktail party, tie it on just about anything- & of course put it on a gift!

And who doesn't need to be Queen for the Day...Lovely Filigree Crowns

Eiffel Towers...I have a collection and I just might have to add these to it!

Love these Italian Murano Glass Magnifiers!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Michelle!

Thanks so very much for mentioning The Beautiful Life today -- so glad you found us online!

I popped over to your website and may I say... I am amazed! It is gorgeous and the music is incredible!

I wish I lived closer so I could "pop over" in person! :)

Thanks again, Michelle -- I'll be a faithful follower of your blog now that I've "discovered" you!


Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Thank you so much the very kind comments! I look forward to keeping in touch!

Zuniga Interiors

Ideezine said...


You're such a great huntress you hunt and gather amazing items that alway create inspiration! I love the items selected and their potential is unlimited. Great post!