Designers Tell Their Favourites...Guest Designer: Anna Spiro...

It's an exciting day at Zuniga Interiors- Australian designer Anna Spiro has joined our blog feature and is so kind to let us in on some of her favourite things! Here she is...(love the wall covering!)

If you don't already know about her blog - it is absolutely fabulous! I was drawn to Anna's blog by her lovely style- a mix of vintage furnishings and contemporary style, add in beautiful prints and plenty of bold colour- especially pink!

Anna's blog from Australia-

Anna's design style - a wall in her office and a lovely corner of a bedroom!

Anna Spiro's home was recently featured in Australian Vogue Living...

I love the use of white as a backdrop allowing black and bright colours to pop in Anna's home- brilliante!

Now, on to what Anna calls her favourites...

Favourite Artist: "I love the work of Australian artist Cressida Campbell."

Favourite Flower: "Pink Peonies."

photo via Anna's interiors boutique; Black & Spiro

Favourite Colour: "Pink is my absolute favourite colour, but I do love blue as a close second."

Favourite Cocktail: "Pina Colada."

Favourite fabric: "Pattern." - (Lovely print pillows on a settee in Anna's home):

Favourite Furniture Piece: "Hard to narrow it down to just one favourite piece, but I do love my French Gilt Tub Chair." - (we can see why, it is fabulous!)

Favourite Candle: "Nina Campbell Pink." (it just looks like it would be a divine scent, doesn't it?)

Favourite Music: "I love old style jazz music."

Favourite Accessory For The Home: "Blue and white ginger jars." (via Anna's home)

Favourite Book: "Domino; The Book of Decorating."

Favourite Destination: "Hawaii."

Favourite Room to Design: "Lounge Room."

Favourite Bauble to Wear: "Currently I am loving the black Japanese enamel Tiffany & C0. bangle that my husband gave me for my birthday."
Such inspiration! We are loving Anna's favourites! Love her beautiful style and what a sweet person - so happy to have met Anna through the blog world!
Thank You Anna, for inspiring us and being a part of Designer's Tell Their Favourites Feature on Zuniga Interiors!- xx, Michelle


annechovie said...

Fun to learn more about one of my favorite bloggers! Thanks for the great feature, Michelle!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh she is a gifted one, that one! Thanks for that!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Anna certainly has a talent. I really love seeing all of your design portfolio on the side bar of your blog. You are very clever too. Thanks for your lovely comment on ours. Hayley

Ideezine said...


I can see and read why Anna loves pink. It does have a magnetic pull especially in vibrant pink and it's used a lot. Her work is very fresh and her home lovely. I'm happy to read about her. Next stop her blog!


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment@ Ideezine. Blogging is really creative fun with endless possibilities.

Alkemie said...

What a lovely post! Anna is so gifted and one of my favorite designers.

Karen O.

Haven and Home said...

How did I miss this? I love her blog and her style, so fun!