Love...This Front Cover of Elle Decor!

Another incredible issue and what an incredible designer; Miles Redd! This was a WOW! when I opened my mail! Perfect holiday cheer!

I try to post Fabulous Finds for Friday; to say the least, it's been a little crazy with a project installation and new adventures I'm working on! So, have a beautiful weekend and watch next week...the fabulous Erin Gates from Elements of Style will be on Zuniga Interiors blog for Designers Tell Their Favourites! - xx- Michelle


Michelle said...

That red room would be great for cocktails with the ladies!

Love daring!


annechovie said...

Stunning...perfect for the December issue! Have a great weekend, Michelle.

Ideezine said...


Very festive and color packed. Love the black and white floor in second snap so classy. Have a good one.


Julie said...

I'm waiting for my December issue behind the door. From I've seen so far, looks fabulous.

Haven and Home said...

Oh I agree! They really did a great job!