Feeling Rainy Day Inspired...

The song "It Never Rains In Southern California" isn't quite fitting today, though with all the storms across the country, we deserve some rain too, our dry land sure needs it...with that said, I needed a haute rainy day oufit for a cool rainy day...

Feeling Chanel-inspired...tonight will be a curl-up by the fire kind of night...watching a favourite movie on Coco Chanel...sipping a latte...and aren't these houndstooth cookies just too cute! Almost too cute to eat...you must visit Sweet Ambs Etsy Shop to find these darling treats!

Have a great day!

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Ideezine said...


Loving the rain although don't enjoy tornado warnings here in Ventura CA! One took hold four blocks from my home pretty spooky. Love the rain gear and all the goodies. I wish we'd have more season changes so we could really wear the cute stuff longer than 2 weeks.