Dining Outdoors Tonight...

The weather is fabulous...warm with a touch of a cool breeze at night...perfect for dining on the patio... Start with a refreshing wine spritzer made with pinot grigio, sparkling water, orange & lemon zest {the recipe is Giada's on the Food Network site}
Make a delicious penne frittata with basil and ricotta... {from marthastewart.com/recipes}

Fabulous paired with a grilled red pepper and goat cheese salad... {marthastewart.com/recipes}

For dessert grill peaches served with sour cream sweetened with brown sugar...top with crumbled amaretti cookies... {marthastewart.com/recipes}

Have a fabulous evening tonight...enjoy! xo

photo 1; source bottom of the ironing basket


Viera said...

sounds like perfect plan for weekend

Angie said...

I'm behind on my blog reads so I'm commenting a little late but I lOVE this post!!