Take It {By The Horns}

horns of inspiration

dining collection
flank the fireplace
faux a wall
lamp style
trophy set

adorn a bag
 At Zuniga Interiors, we love mixing in the unique...the above showcases ways to bring the antler horns into design, if it be a collection on a wall, or a single mixed in, even a horn handle to adorn a fabulous bag...Take it by the horns!

{source: 1. living etc. 2. living etc. 3. atlanta bartlett 4,5,6- zuniga interiors 7. richncraft on etsy}

*the above post inspired by the decorista  {visit the decorista site}


Love Where You LIve said...

Love these man-made ones!

Charlotte's Color Specialist said...

In my dream home I would have a huge chandelier made of deer antlers and yes I'm talking log cabins!

mydesignchic said...

Love the look of antler in a cozy mahogany paneled den...handsome!

Black Zebra said...

Take it by the horns! Ha-ha I love it! That's really how our attitude to life should be:-) For a very long time I was obsessed with antler horns,gladly I'm not anymore ,but I think they are still very cool...great post!