The Design Refuge November Challenge: Trend Forecast 2011

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Zuniga Interiors Trend Forecast 2011- the design trends we love, that inspire us and mix quite well into our "studio style"
{Global Inspiration} Travel to the East-Morocco-Turkey-India-Shopping in a souk in Marrakech-Ikat-Paisley-Batiks-Suzanis-Hand-Painted Craftsmanship and Lacquered Wares-Jewel-Tone Colours-Crimson-Sapphire-Fuschia mixed with Rich Cocoa and Shimmering Gold-Artistic Details in Hammered Metals and Intricate Carved Woods complete this trend
{Organics- In Touch with Nature} Petrified Wood-Coconut Shell Tables-Rock Crystal and Abalone Lighting-Agate and Turquoise Accessories-Animal-Free Trophy Art-The Texture of Jute and Rattan 

{Preserving the Past} Collections-Family Heirlooms-Looking to the Future by Preserving the Past- Vintage Throws and Embellished Pillows-Antique Chandeliers-Classic Literature-Vintage Painted Portraits-Tufted Parlour Sofas and The Classic Wing Chair in Contemporary Prints
Zuniga Interiors favorite design trends for 2011- that seem to be a reflection of  2010.  We see it as a result of  the world's economy and state of mind.  Since we are a global mix, the world is embracing that, at the same time it is a time to reflect on the past, from how we got here, to preserving the family, and having a sense of security in a time of uncertainty.  Above all interior design is looking back to a time of fine craftsmanship, bench made furnishings, hand-made crafts, nature-inspired and eco-friendly designs.  It is a time to not be "trendy" but to "Live With What You Love."  A time to show one's true sense of style in their own lifestyle setting.- Zuniga Interiors

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Thank you Design Refuge for inviting us to be a part of your fabulous Trend Forecast 2011 Challenge! 
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To see the Design Refuge Post, Entries and Trend Forecast visit:


Ideezine said...


Great way to look forward to a new year one styled piece at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving with many blessings to reflect upon today.


Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Thank you to everyone- all the bloggers and friends that emailed Zuniga Interiors and phoned our studio regarding our take on the Trends for 2011! It's been great hearing what you all think of our forecast! Please don't forget to vote at the Design Refuge blog!

Zuniga Interiors