{Fabulous} Images...For Inspiration...

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes
{Martha Stewart}
Fabulous Tile in Blue
{This Old House via Pink Wallpaper}
Inspiration Wall
{LuLu DK via Lonny Magazine}
{LuLu DK via Lonny Magazine}

A Bath in Greece
{via This is Glamorous}
Images that inspire us...from the meringue artistically placed upon a cupcake to Portuguese tile in blue...or the soft hue of  blue painted walls in Greece.  An artist's inspiration wall and her paints inspires a fabulous bedroom.  Images collected bring on new inspiration each day!


Ideezine said...


Happy Blessed 2011 New Year to You and Yours!

Thanks for following with comments on my blog.


Michelle said...

that backsplash tile is so amazing...go big or go home...thts what I always say...

Best, and Happy New Year Michelle