THANK YOU- Ideezine! {For The Super Comments Award!}

{arrangement from Simply Blooms}

This thank you goes out to Bette from the blog Ideezine- a fabulously inspirational blog.  I love Bette's view on life and she has become a wonderful friend through our blogs!  Bette was awarded The Super Comment Award recently by another blog then it was her turn to "Super Comment Award It Forward" to other bloggers!  Bette awarded myself and some fabulous bloggers out there! {hop over to Ideezine to see the recipients!} It's my turn to give some comment awards and soon I will be posting with my Super Comment Award recipients!  I apologize for this being late, I am on some projects, but I will return soon!xo- Michelle


Ideezine said...


How beautiful! You're a joy and (we) your family, friends, clients, associates, and blog followers are gifted with your attention to detail and standards in comfort. What you see, feel and express are needed in this world. We're lucky to experience you doing what you love to do.

Thank You


Rocio Rincon said...

Hi, I just found your page, and I love it!!! I'm coming back for more!
Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.