Supper {at Lou}

724 Vine Street in Hollywood
Lou's Sauteed Scallops with a creme sauce
 of fennel and kalamata olives

A + D Architecture & Design Museum
6032 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles
A few Saturdays past, we spent an evening with a business associate; we started out at a cocktail party for the Souper Green exhibit at The A + D Museum in Los Angeles for a current exhibit featuring the approach to green architecture and the environment.  It was curiously interesting- such talent and genius!  This area is a surround of galleries and museums- the perfect spot to visit!

As the night progressed and we didn't make dinner reservations, we asked the bartender at the gallery for her recommendation. 
She led us to Lou.  Located in Los Angeles on Vine {don't let the small strip mall fool you!} Lou is owned by proprietor Lou Amdur.  Lou is a wine bar serving up to 30 wines by the glass and fabulous "supper"!  Produce is sourced from the local farmer's market and the meats are always organic.  Lou is adjacent to a laundromat, but upon entering, one quickly forgets.  The dramatic floor to ceiling drapes envelop for the perfect dining experience!  One wall dons Scandinavian-style wallpaper and a chalkboard art treatment takes over an entire facing wall, a making for interesting conversation!

We started with a glass of pinot and the mouth-watering cheese & meat platter- domestic artisan meats and cheeses accompanied by buttery olives from Sicily and that famed "Pig Candy"- a sweet and spicy bacon prepared by Lou's own chef.  It's something that I am hooked on!  I {more than} enjoyed the Sauteed Scallops with a fennel and kalamata olive creme sauce while the others in our party feasted on South Texas Antelope and Petite Poussin.  For dessert: Banana Creme Tart with Almond and Chocolate Creme! 

I applaud the chef  at Lou - he is absolutely fabulous!  The manager and staff are awesome- we actually sipped wine closing the place {we were the very last to leave!}  If you are in the Los Angeles area and even if you are not, take a special trip to Lou!- xo


Thomas said...

I enjoyed the post about your dinner at "Lou" on Vine St. in Los Angeles. The atmosphere sounds lovely and the food mouth wateringly delicious! We live in Las Vegas, but if we had been closer we would have made it a point to have dinner there almost immediately! Since we visit the Los Angeles area several times a year, we will make it a requirement to stop there for dinner. I have been craving scallops, one of my favorites, and that dish sounds so good. Have to say, the dessert does too! Colleen

Ideezine said...


This sound delicious and I'll be heading out that way several times times this duly noted!

Hope all is well with you.