Haute Rocks...

{Natural} Agate Bookends {Zuniga Interiors}

More {Natural} Agate Bookends {Zuniga Interiors}

{Rock Crystal} Bergen Lamp {Brenda Houston}

Agate Series {Brenda Houston}
Agate Series Framed {Brenda Houston}
Agate Coasters {Bly Design}
Claire Cuff {Bly Design}
Yellow Citrine Ring {Specimental by elseetee2 via etsy}
Loving Haute Rocks for fashion and decor -  Favourite designs our studio loves- agate bookends available at Zuniga Interiors, Brenda Houston's line, Bly Design and Specimental.  Recently, we had a visit to our blog from Bly Design {Katherine Cromer is the talent behind the company}  A must see is their website; http://www.blydesign.com/- a fabulous design studio - jewelry and home decor elements made of beautiful rocks and crystals.  One of our favourites is the Claire Cuff!