Designers Tell Their Favourites...Featured Designer Joni Webb From Webb Interior Design and the blog Cote De Texas...

I had the opportunity to ask Joni Webb from the fabulous blog Cote De Texas to be the next Featured Designer on Zuniga Interiors; Designers Tell Their Favourites...

Visit Joni's blog and you will be a follower like so many of us who can't wait to see what she's up to next! She also is one of the creator's and host of another fabulous blog The Skirted Round Table! I love Joni's design style as well as her beautiful and spirited personality!

Here she is: Ms. Cote De Texas herself, designer Joni Webb!

Below-a beautiful illustration of Joni's family room! (illustration by the talented Michelle Morelan of the blog A Schematic Life)Joni's style is French Country on the Texas Coast! Her style is elegant and comfortable at the same time. It is a melding of french antiques, vintage pieces and slip-covered linen with a flair all her own! The following are beautiful rooms designed by designer Joni Webb...

Now Joni tells us her favourites:

Favorite Color:
"Hard to say exactly - cool tones, blues, and I love that perfect shade of periwinkle

Favourite Artist:
"Probably Vermeer. Again, hard to say!!!!"

Favourite Flower:
"Hydrangea, roses, peonies - hard to just name one!!" (image via Sophie Dayhe Designs)

Favourite Cocktail:
"Apple Martini."

Favourite Candle:
"Kenneth Turner Original Scent."

Favourite Accessory for the Home:
"Antique books, globes, creamware."

Favourite Fabric Pattern or Solid:
"Solids! or anything by Bennison or Robert Kime." (Now, I know Joni is fond of linen!)
Favourite Book:
"Lolita, To Kill a Mockingbird."

Favourite Destination:
"South Padre Island, Texas."

Favourite Room to Design:
"Bedrooms and living rooms."

Favourite Bauble You Love To Wear:
"My Peace and Love Diamond Crown Necklace!!!"

Thanks Joni, for telling us your favourites!

"Thanks for asking me,"

This is so much fun! Check back next week for another Designer Favourites Feature on Zuniga Interiors!


Cote de Texas said...

Hard to say!!!! Hard to say! talk about indecision = sorry my answers are so lame.

Thank you so much for including me - I love the layout - it looks great!!! I'm going to add this to my blog's left column!

Thank you again so very very much.

Ideezine said...


This is a great way to get to know what elements in a designers life that add to it. Joni has her favorites and we share that with many others at times we are more alike than we realize. This was fun.


Michelle said...

An Apple Martini? wow...I didn't expect that Joni...great interview Michelle! (thx for including my rendering of CTD's LR)