The Design Refuge November Challenge: Trend Forecast 2011

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Zuniga Interiors Trend Forecast 2011- the design trends we love, that inspire us and mix quite well into our "studio style"
{Global Inspiration} Travel to the East-Morocco-Turkey-India-Shopping in a souk in Marrakech-Ikat-Paisley-Batiks-Suzanis-Hand-Painted Craftsmanship and Lacquered Wares-Jewel-Tone Colours-Crimson-Sapphire-Fuschia mixed with Rich Cocoa and Shimmering Gold-Artistic Details in Hammered Metals and Intricate Carved Woods complete this trend
{Organics- In Touch with Nature} Petrified Wood-Coconut Shell Tables-Rock Crystal and Abalone Lighting-Agate and Turquoise Accessories-Animal-Free Trophy Art-The Texture of Jute and Rattan 

{Preserving the Past} Collections-Family Heirlooms-Looking to the Future by Preserving the Past- Vintage Throws and Embellished Pillows-Antique Chandeliers-Classic Literature-Vintage Painted Portraits-Tufted Parlour Sofas and The Classic Wing Chair in Contemporary Prints
Zuniga Interiors favorite design trends for 2011- that seem to be a reflection of  2010.  We see it as a result of  the world's economy and state of mind.  Since we are a global mix, the world is embracing that, at the same time it is a time to reflect on the past, from how we got here, to preserving the family, and having a sense of security in a time of uncertainty.  Above all interior design is looking back to a time of fine craftsmanship, bench made furnishings, hand-made crafts, nature-inspired and eco-friendly designs.  It is a time to not be "trendy" but to "Live With What You Love."  A time to show one's true sense of style in their own lifestyle setting.- Zuniga Interiors

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Thank you Design Refuge for inviting us to be a part of your fabulous Trend Forecast 2011 Challenge! 
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Fabulous Finds...{For The Holiday Table}

Burlap-Covered Vases {Zuniga Interiors}
Zinc Tags -the perfect place card {Zuniga Interiors}
Table Runner {Pier 1}
Chalk Carafe and Glassware {Pier1}
White Carved Chargers {Pier 1}
Cheese Plates {Pier 1}

We are loving these items from Zuniga Interiors and Pier 1 for your holiday entertaining!  Zinc Tags make the perfect place cards, our Burlap Vases are fabulous filled with small simple florals down the center of your table, the Chalk Glassware lets everyone know what beverages are being served and who's glass is who's!  Aren't the European-Style cheese plates darling?  And who doesn't love a beautiful charger?  It all comes together with the simplicity of a striped table runner.  Be inspired for your holiday entertaining!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Zuniga Interiors

THANK YOU- Bly design!

Zuniga Interiors owes Bly design a Huge THANK YOU for posting such fabulous comments about our company on the Bly design blog!
We are so delighted {as delighted to have met Katherine from Bly design through the fabulous blogsphere!}  Be sure to check out the lovlies over at Bly!

{Inspiration} The Holiday Table...

{Fabulous Florals} source: It's Mary Ruffle

{Butternut Squash Soup} source: Camille Styles Events blog
Holiday Colour- Butternut-Russet-Mauve-Deep Pinks- Perfect  colour for a festive tablescape...

A Time For Thanks {A Quote} And Images We Love...

{Every Day!} source: fish for people
{Color Your Door} source: the beautiful soup
{Eclectic Dining} source: the beautiful soup

Fabulous Finds For Friday...{In the Kitchen & Cinnamon Rolls}

IKEA Kitchen {credit: La Dolce Vita blog} The perfect kitchen for cooking & baking, as an Interior Stylist, I couldn't get enough of the fabulous lifestyle setting for this IKEA photo shoot. For my own styling projects for photo shoots- IKEA is always on my list. Here are some of my favourite Ikea products 
IKEA FORSTA {coffee maker}
IKEA PRODUKT {milk frother}
IKEA BURKEN {jar with lid}
IKEA HJUVIK {Industrial Kitchen Faucet}

Norwegian Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls {credit:}
Cooking Books is a fabulous blog full of incredible recipes and images. Take a visit to find this delicious cinnamon roll recipe with cardamom {a favourite spice of mine}

Have a lovely weekend!- xo

The Owls Have It...

Owl Umbrella Stand {Zuniga Interiors}

Owl Ceramics {Fruit Fly Pie via etsy}
Bon Mot Owl Coin Purse {Kate Spade}
Antique Dictionary Owl Ring {}
Filigree Owl Ring {}

Bedazzled Owl Necklace {forever 21}

Rustic Owl Necklace {forever 21}

Swaying Owl Necklace {forever 21}
The whimsical and the antique... owls become decor and fashion...A little something owl is fabulous fun...

Haute Rocks...

{Natural} Agate Bookends {Zuniga Interiors}

More {Natural} Agate Bookends {Zuniga Interiors}

{Rock Crystal} Bergen Lamp {Brenda Houston}

Agate Series {Brenda Houston}
Agate Series Framed {Brenda Houston}
Agate Coasters {Bly Design}
Claire Cuff {Bly Design}
Yellow Citrine Ring {Specimental by elseetee2 via etsy}
Loving Haute Rocks for fashion and decor -  Favourite designs our studio loves- agate bookends available at Zuniga Interiors, Brenda Houston's line, Bly Design and Specimental.  Recently, we had a visit to our blog from Bly Design {Katherine Cromer is the talent behind the company}  A must see is their website; a fabulous design studio - jewelry and home decor elements made of beautiful rocks and crystals.  One of our favourites is the Claire Cuff!

{Fabulous} Room Inspiration for Friday...and a {Quote}...

{Fabulous Room} designed by Artist Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design

We love this room for it's beautiful simplicity; bold pop of colour, vintage art posters, high ceilings and the antique Persian rug. The contemporary, traditional & rustic elements create a cohesive environment.  We can't wait to see what Amy Beth conjures up in her new home; follow it on ABCD Design blog!

Enjoy your weekend!